Cain Nangamu

Cain Nangamu

Skin name: Balang
Language: Kunwinjku, Maung
Dreaming: Duwa
Clan: Mayirrgulidj
Date of birth: 1979-12-02
From: Mardbalk
Community: Oenpelli : NT


No artworks.


Cain has a diverse family background from across the Top End, and this is reflected in his art. His father, Solomon Nangamu, is well known carver and Song Man in Gunbalanya. Solomon’s father is a Maung man from Goulburn Island, and his mother from the mainland Manyinkali clan in the Wunnju area. Cain’s mother is a Tiwi woman from Bathurst Island, and Cain grew up there before moving to Gunbalanya.

Cain is primarily a carver, depicting designs, animals, stories and weaponry with Tiwi, Kunwinjku and Maung influences. Cain speaks all three of these very different languages. His signature works are birds carved from buffalo and bull horns. These are a must-have for lots of the teachers, nurses and other visiting staff in Gunbalanya. He is also known for his Tiwi spears, wood carvings and occasional works on paper.

He has two brothers and one sister living across the Top End, and is a feared AFL player for the Banyan Hawks in Gunbalanya.Cain Nangamu is the son of Solomon (Salty) Nangamu and Evelyn