Johnson Namundja

Skin name: Nakangila
Language: Kunwinjku
Dreaming: Yirridjdja
Clan: Kardbam
Date of birth: 1974-07-10
From: Mankorlod
Community: Oenpelli : NT


No artworks.


MEDIUM/FORMS: Ochres on Arches paper, bark painting, ochres on bark SUBJECTS: Wind Dreaming (Kunkurra Djang) Kalawan (Goanna) Namorrodoh (Evil Spirit) Korlobarr (Kangaroo) Ngalkordow (Brolga) Mandjabu (Fish Trap) Lorrkon (Hollow log coffin) NOTES: Johnson was taught to paint by his older brother Ivan Namarriki when he was growing up at Markolidjban outstation. EXHIBITIONS: • 2006, Namundja Brothers, Bandigan Art, Sydney, NSW • Aug 2007, Ochre Paintings from Western Arnhem Land, Coomalie, Batchelor Institute, NT.

His all-over rarrk (crosshatched) works often feature distinctive black outlines, which seperates the figures and gives them an almost monumental presence like a stained glass window. 

Group exhibitions

  • 2007 Ochre Paintings from Western Arnhem Land, Batchelor Institute Coomalie NT
  • 2006 Namundja Brothers, Bandigan Art, Sydney NSW


  • Dept. of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Canberra
  • In 1999, Tony's art was selected by Australian Post as the cover artwork for a national indigenous employment strategy.


  • 1994 Kunwinjku Seasons Calendar. Published by Injalak Arts & Crafts Association., 1994