Kevin Gameraidj
Kevin Gameraidj
Dreaming: Duwa
Clan: Born
Date of Birth: 1975-04-01
Community: Oenpelli


Kevin Gameraidj is a humble character, growing up on Croker Island then moving to Gunbalanya to go to school. He is the son of Rosanne Dundanga and Dick Gameraidj.

Kevin learnt how to paint on paper and bark by watching senior artist’s at Injalak Arts. His biggest mentor was Roderick Maralngurra the brother of Injalak’s founder and Co-manager Gabriel Maralngurra.

Kevin enjoyed visiting his country at Marrkolidjban when he was young and learnt about hunting and the many stories about his country. He likes to paint stories from his country. When he paints his dreaming Namorrorddo- Crippled man dreaming sometimes he feels sorry or sick for that story.

In May 2016 Kevin represented Injalak Arts at the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts in Guam with his wife, sister-in-law and brother-in-law. They were part of the Australian delegation and made up one of the 27 pacific island nations and territories that participated. 



Kevin Gameraidj

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