Thommo Nganjmirra
Thommo Nganjmirra
Dreaming: Yirridjdja
Clan: Djalama
Date of Birth: 1954-12-06
Community: Oenpelli


Thommo Nganjmirra is senior artist at Injalak and a consummate draftsman, depicting the Kunwinjku natural world and its stories with fidelity and meticulous skill. Having begun painting as a young man, his work has by now developed an elegant ease that flows from his mastery of manyilk (the traditional sedge brush) and his instinctive compositional sense. His fine linework is almost delicate at times, but overall his style is one of classic refinement and balance.

With his extensive knowledge of the rock art adorning the caves of Injalak Hill, Thompson is one of Injalak’s most highly regarded tour guides. He comes from an artistic family; he is the son of Jimmy Nakurrudjilmi Nganjmirra and brother of Robin Nganjmirra. His mother is Mary Nganjmirra.


Thommo Nganjmirra

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