Trevor Nganjmirra

Trevor Nganjmirra

Skin name: Nakamarrang
Language: Kunwinjku
Dreaming: Yirridjdja
Clan: Djalama
Dance: Yawkyawk Djang
Date of birth: 1966-09-30
From: Marlwon
Community: Oenpelli : NT


No artworks.


ALTERNATIVE SPELLING: Ngainmira, Nganjmira GENDER: Male BORN: 30-09-66 LANGUAGE: Kunwinjku LANGUAGE GROUP: Mayali CLAN: Djalama SOCIAL AFFILIATIONS: Yirritja moiety, Nakamarrang subsection REGION: Gunbalanya (Oenpelli) Western Arnhem Land NT Australia OUTSTATION/COUNTRY: Marlwon ART CENTRE: Injalak Arts & Crafts Association PMB 131 Oenpelli NT 0822 MEDIUM/FORM: Ochres on Arches paper, bark painting, ochres on bark SUBJECTS AND THEMES: emu, Rock wallaby, python, white cranes, brolgas, jabirus, crocodiles, fish,rainbow serpents, barramundi, mimi spirits COLLECTIONS HELD: Australian Museum, Sydney. NOTES: Son of Bobby Nganjmirra. Trevor is a fine young artist following in the footsteps of his late great father. Trevor paints everyday at Injalak and his works sell very well out of the gallery here.


  • Australian Museum, Sydney


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