Komnud Djang (Phlegm Dreaming)

People came from everywhere for a big ceremony at Mangarrangki, near the mouth of the King River, north east of Oenpelli. Two brothers had come and were very tired and hungry from the journey. They were looking around for a feed and went to a hill called Mankarrindji, on the mainland east of Goulburn Island. The brothers were travelling outside their own country and were not so familiar with the landscape and creation stories of the area. The older brother saw some mankung or bush honey (from native non-stinging bees) in a mabbarra tree, a type of paperbark (melaleuca). “Let’s cut that tree down and get the honey to eat” said the older brother. “But this place is Djang (sacred) , we are not supposed to touch these trees” said the younger brother.“We’re safe here, nobody can see us” said the older brother. “Nobody will know if we eat this honey – I don’t believe this place is dangerous” the older brother insisted and cut down the tree with his stone axe.The brothers ate the mankung and returned to the camp at Mangarrangki. The other place, Mankarrindji, was watched over by two spirit brothers, Bidjirl, the saltwater bream and Dadbe the brown snake. Their Djang (sacred dreaming) was Komnud – meaning phlegm, and the mabbarra tress were protected by this Djang. For their trespass the human brothers had been infected by the spirit brothers with a highly contagious influenza that manifested as a cough that passed throught the whole gathering at Mangarrangki. Everybody died.

Bininj birriwern birriwam birrihkarrmi mankimuk Ceremony kore Mangarrangki kore King River;Bininj bokenh kaluk benedanginj benewam djarreh;benengudjwarreminj;dja benemarrwedoweng ;Bedda benewam beneyawani manme ;benewam kore mandulum kabolkngeyo Mankarrinjdji darnkih Warruwi dja bedda benehrey manberrk kunred berrewoneng;Benehrey wanjh nawernwarre nang mankung kore kundulk mabbarra mah ngarrdulkdadjkemen ba ngarrngun nawu mankung yimeng nawu nawernwarre;dja nayahwurd yimeng larrk; konhda kunred djang ngalengngarre minj ngarrdulkbakke dja minj ngarrdulkdjobke larrk;Dja nawernwarre yimeng kamak minj nangale kannan; bu ngarrngun nanih nawu mankung; minj ngarrdulkkarrme manbu kundulk yimeng nawu nawalawalak konhda kamak minj nangale kannan ngarrku yimeng nawu nawernwarre minj nangale kaburrbun bu ngarrngun nawu mankung minj ngaye ngabenwokmarrkmang bu konhda kunred kubolkdjamun wanjh mey karramalk dulkngadji dulkdjobkeng wanjh benenguneng nawu mankung Benedurndi kured Mangarrangki kore kuredbuyika Mankarrindji benebokenh binninj nawu benedanginj bindihmolknani;Bidjirl nawu kurrulawaken burd dja Dadbe berrewoneng nawu djang komnud;namekke kamulewan djang dja manbu kundulk mabbarra ;wanjh bedda benedjangwarrewong namekke komnud djang wanjh warlahminj balwam kore Mangarrangki binninj nawu kumekke birrihyoy birridowerrinj rowk;