The Ubarr Ceremony

In the Dreamtime the great hunter and magician Yirrbardbard took a young girl from a neighbouring clan as his wife, but she refused to live with him and kept running back to her mother who protected her. In anger and frustrarion Yirrbardbard decided to kill both his wife and her mother. He decided to do this with the aid of magic in an attempt to conceal his identity from their kin folk. He went into a cave in the escarpments of Gunbalanya and drew a large figure of his wife on the wall, with a smaller one of her mother alongside. A snake in the act of striking was depicted at the foot of each woman. Then Yirrbardbard made a fire and waved some of the womens possessions through the smoke, calling out that a snake would kill them.From that time on Yirrbardbard stalked the women when they went out hunting. Finally one day he knew that the time was right to kill them. He changed into a snake and slid in front of them into a hollow log, where he made scratching noises to simulate a goanna or bandicoot.

Bu korroko duninjh nakudji bininj nawu marrkidjbuni ngeyoy Yirrbardbard bimey daluk ngalbu kumekke beh kunred ngalbininjkobeng nuye.Dja ngalbu daluk kelelobmi durndengi kore ngalbadjan ngalengarre.Yirrbardbard burrbom yimeng ngahli daluk nganhkengeme karrurndeng kore ngalbadjan dja ngabenmenebun ngalbadjan dja ngalyaw.Yirrbardbard ngimeng kore kuwarderurrk benmenekukbimbom mey kunak warowmeng wayhkeng yimeng kaluk nayin ngunmenebaye ngunedoweng.Yirrbardbard benmenekadjuy kore benewam benewarlbom kukbuyikahworrinj yimerranj nayin ngimeng kore manwodj dulklihdulklirrhmi yimankek beneyimi kalawan yika yok dja nakka Yirrbaedbard.Yimankek benebidngimeng benmenebayeng benebebbekukmankang ngalengman ngabadjan dja ngalengman ngalyaw benedoweng.