Namarnde Daddjurdu

The figure shown in the painting is a one-legged spirit being known as Namarnde Daddjurdu. He is believed to watch over a perennial spring known as Namarnkol Djambarrmengh, and inhabits the many Marrunj (palm trees) that grow around this area(depicted on the other side of the picture). The tools shown around him are traditionally used for collecting the bush food that grows around the spring. A large rock near the spring is believed to to a barramundi that jumped there from the Liverpool River several kilometres away during the creation period. The country around this area is known as Namangardabu home to many Kunwinjku people

Kore djurra bimbom kangeyo Namarnde Daddjurdu.nungka kahbolknahnan kumekke kunred kore Namarnkol Djambarrhmeng kaluk kumekke manwern manbu marrunj kundulk kahdingihdi Manbu kunwarde manwardekimuk kore njilhmi kahyo makka wanjh Namarnkol Dolkang kore Liverpool River bu korroko duninjh Manbu kunred duninjh kumekke wanjh kabolkngeyo Namangardabu kunred.