Nimbuwa – The Rock

In the time of nayuhyungki, the First People, a tall young man named Nimbuwa came from the south, near Pine Creek, bringing with him Gularrmundidj, his widowed mother. They were searching for a good place to live and eventually to metamorphose into rocks. Nimbuwah and his mother decided to settle about 42 kilometres from Gunbalanya, here Nimbuwa took for himself a young girl, Warramurndudj. However a mighty hunter, Djiribidj, also wanted this girl and so plotted to kill his rival Nimbuwah. When he came across Nimbuwa carrying Warramurndudj he hurled a stone axe at Nimbuwa with such force that it severed his head from his body. Warramurndudj was flung out of Nimbuwa arms and landed on the ground where she became a rock next to her husband who had also turned himself into a tall rock. The stone head of the axe separated from its shaft and flew away to Gumarderr also turning into a rock. The mother, grief stricken at the loss of her son and terrified of the murderer, also changed herself into a rock.