Dolobbo (Bark)

Long ago, the old people used to get bark from trees. They would make shelter where they would sleep in the rainy season. Sometimes the old people would sleep in a cave, either low or higher up in the stone country. They knew where to go for bark and what time of the year to look for it. They would go out, maybe in the dry or wet season, and peel off the bark from the tree, with a stone knife. They would get bark if they were building a shelter to sleep in. But nowadays we go and see a good looking piece of bark and we peel it off the tree, put it on the fire to heat it up and soften it, then scrape it. And then we leave it to dry. We get the bark from stringybark trees (Eucalyptus tetradonta).

Bu korroko duninjh nawu dabborrabbolk birrimangi nawu dolobbo kundjurle birrimarnbuni kore birriyoy bu kudjewk,Yika birriyoy kore kuwarderurrk kanjdji yika kaddum,kuwarde,Bedman birriburrbuni bu baleh kabolkyime nawu dolobbo birrilowkmangi birrimangi kunubewu Kurrung kunubewu Kudjewk,Dolobbo birrimangi bu birrimarnbuni kunrurrk kore birriyoy,Dja bolkkime kabirrire kabirrinan kukmak nawu dolobbo wanjh kabirrilowkmang kabirrikan kunak kabirriwolngwon kabirriwirrkme wanjh kabirribawon kayo kabukmen.Nawu dolobbo kabirrimang kore kundulk Manbordokorr,