Birndu Djang (Mosquito Dreaming)

This is Joey’s mother’s dreaming. The middle symbolises mosquito and either side represents the sea. When the tide goes down, the birndu rock comes up. The country of this painting is a place called Mima where the Birndu Djang or Mosquito Dreaming resides. The site is protected by wakwak or crows. If anybody disturbs the site by visiting it or touching places within the country the mosquitoes will proliferate. On either side of the mosquito are a man and a woman who have died after violating the site.

Nawu Birndu dja Dord kahdjangdi Kakbi kore ngaye Makah dja Wulubbulu warrekenh ngahyime.Birndu kahdjangdi kore Wunyu wadjbud kurrula darnkih dja nawu Dord nakka kahdjandi kore Malirrku karrkad manberrk.kabolkngeyo Ngilikurrkbung.Kaluk minj nangale kare kumekke kunred Ngilikurrkbung kore dord kahdjangdi.Wardi dord ngidjangwarrewon yiman birndu yerrih karohrok.