Maddjurn (Black-Headed Python)

Maddjurn, the black-headed python (Aspidites melanocephalus) moves around its forest habitat alone. It makes its home in old termite mounds. When it has children, it will go down to the water and carry water back in its mouth for its young. It can be distinguished from manjdjurdurrk (olive python, liasis olivaceus) and borlokko (water python, Bothrochilus fuscus) by its black head and its habitat in open forests. When we go close to where maddjurn is, it calls out. Some say it sounds like a dog, that’s what the Old People used to say. It’s more likely to call out if you’re wearing bright colours. When it calls out, some say that its mother the Rainbow Serpent can hear it and may come and strike you.
Ngalbu Maddjurn ngalka mayh ngalengman kare kayo kore manberrk. Karedmarnbun ngalengarre kore kunboy. Bu yayaw kabenkarrme nawern wanjh kakolung kukku kabomang kore kundang ngalengarre kabokan kabenbowon. Ngaleng ngalburlerri minj borlokko dja manjdjurdurrk dja mayh djaying dja minj nganguyinj borlokko dja manjdjurdurrk kabeneyo kore kukku dja maddjurn ngalka kayo kore manberrk. Bu darnkih karrire kore ngalengh kahwake wanjh kawokdi kunukka djaying birriyimeng kangokme yiman duruk. Bu nawu dabborrabbolk birriyolyolmeng.