Mankung (Sugarbag)

There are different names for sugarbag. One sugarbag name is Kubbulak, and other two is Nabiwo and Kadderre. In the old days the old people had to go in the bush and look for sugarbag. They used to look up in the trees and if there were honeybees flying in and out of the tree trunk then there is sugarbag in that tree. But other types of sugarbag they find in ant pits or in the caves.

Nawu Mankung ngarringeybun ngarridjalyime mankung nadjawern,Nabiwo Kardderre Kubbulak ngarringun yiwk dja mandabu.Yika kukku ngarridjuhke ngarribongun dja ngarrikalkkidngun nawu yiwk.Korroko nawu dabborrabolk birrirey birridulknani kundulk Manbordokorr Mandjalen wanjh bod birribodnani nawu mankung bod.Wanjh birridulkderdmi birrimonbuhmi birrimangi nawu yiwk dja mandabu.Dja nawu nabiwo nakka birrinani kore kunboy birriboybakkeyi birrimangi nawu mankung yika kuwardedume birrinani birrikarungi birrimangi nawu nabiwo.