Korlobarr dja Dalkken (Big Red Kangaroo and Dingo Story)

Korlobarr (the antilopine kangaroo) and Dalkken (the dingo) were originally two Yirridjdja moiety men. But they were from different ceremonial moieties, kolobarr being Burddal, and Dalkken Kuyal. They had a meeting and decided to paint each other. Kolobarr let Dalken paint him first. When he was finished Dalkken lay down and let himself be painted. When Kolobarr was finished, Dalkken looked at himself and was not pleased. He complained that Korlobarr had made his mouth too wide and that his testicles were wrongly painted. The argument led to a fight. The dingo won the fight and he ate fresh meat from the kangaroo. He said “You are now my meat – if I see you, I will hunt you and eat you”. He also told the kangaroo that he would be hunted by humans for food. Finally, he told Kolobarr that from that time on, if either animals saw humans they would run away.

Nawu Kolobarr dja Dalkken nakka Yirridjdja bokenh beda benehkarrmi meeting benehwokmarnburreni bu kabenekukbimburren Wanjh nawu kolobarr yimeng ngayeh werrk kanbimbu wanjh Dalkken bibimbom kolobarr werrh wanjh bu dalken bibimbom biyakwong kolobarr nunganwali dalkken kurrmerrinj wanjh kolobarr bibimbom dalkken bu biyakwong bibimbom dalkken dolkkang kuknarrinj minj djareniwirrinj nawu dalkken bikukwarrewong bu bibimbom wanjh dalken yimeng nguda kankukwarrewong bu kanbimbom dja kundang ngardduk ngimarnbom mankimuk kandangwarrewong Wanjh kunyid benemarnbom mankimuk bu benedurrinj dja beneburrinj kunkimuk kunyid wanjh dalkken karrmeng bibom kolobarr bikanjnguneng wanjh dalkken yimeng bimarneyimeng kolobarr nguda wanjh ngardduk kunkanj Bu baleh nan kadjung bun kanjngun Dja mak bu bininj kabirriwarlbun ngundinan ngundibun ngundikanjngun Kaluk bu karriwarlbun baleh karrire kolobarr dja dalken bu kandinan kadberre nawu ngad bininj duninjh wanjh kabenekelelobme kabenere djarreh