All the people once lived together and stayed in one area. Men, women and children would sleep in the same place. Everyone felt safe. There was a man called Wirriyal, from a different clan, had been made into a sorcerer by his people, a huge and powerful man. One night he and his messenger men came to that place under cover of darkness. When everyone was asleep, they captured all the women, young and old, and took them away without their husbands realising.
Wirriyal and his messenger men built shelters for the women and kept them there. At night, if Wirriyal slept, the messenger men would stay awake and keep watch, to make sure the women didn’t escape.
First thing in the morning, when Wirriyal woke up, the messenger men would go for a walk, leaving Wirriyal with the women. One morning, the messenger men saw a stranger coming. He returned and told Wirriyal to go and look. Wirriyal looked carefully and saw the man on the hilltop. He watched the man approach and it was some time before he realised that it was not just one man, but an army of men, walking as ants do, in single file in a long line over the hill. The army of men were coming to rescue their women.
When they arrived at Wirriyal’s camp, they threw their spears but Wirriyal was too clever. No one could harm him. Then Wirriyal jumped three times, transformed himself into karrkkanj (the brown falcon, Falco berigora) and flew away.