Kornobolo (Agile Wallaby)

We have kornobolo (agile wallabies, Macropus agilis) living all over West Arnhem Land, they are found on the plains and in the stone country. We call the male warradjangkal, and the female merlbbe. Sometimes people also call kornobolo “njamdjorrhdjorrh” (which means “get a big belly”) and they’re good eating.
Bininj (Aboriginal people) often use a grass fire to hunt wallabies so all the animals are flushed out in one direction. In the old days people would hunt them using mankole (spears) and borndok (spear throwers). They would smear delek (white clay) under their armpits so the wallaby didn’t smell them coming and approach holding a branch in front of themselves so they couldn’t be seen. The Kunwinjku hand sign for kornobolo is the forearm chopping up and down with an open hand. This imitates the action of the wallaby’s tail hitting the ground, which they are said to do to trick predators into thinking they have moved when in fact they are hiding in the same place.

Kornobolo karringalke bubolkwern kore West Arnhem Land. Nawu narangem ngarringeybun warradjangkal dja ngaldaluk ngarringeybun merlbbe. Ngad Kunwinjku bininj ngarringeybun ngeybuyika nawu kunj yika kabirringeybun “njamdjorrhdjorrh” dja karohrok kunj kornobolo ngarringeybun.