Kundung, Dird dja Kinhkinh (Sun, Moon and stars)

Gwenyth has painted Kundung (sun), Dird (moon) and Kinhkinh (stars) with a Mimih spirit. Mimihs are important spirits, they live in the rocks in West Arnhem Land and help guide people who are lost back home. The painting is inspired by the MAGNT exhibition ‘Between the Moon and Stars’ in 2019 that Don visited while on a break in Darwin.  Don particularly loved to see his brother in law Mick Kubbarku’s barks of the sun and moon. Don says this painting is about new beginnings. The moon is a crescent, at the start of a new monthly cycle. Dird is an important creation ancestor for Kunwinjku people. He had an argument with Djabbo (Quoll) over the fate of humanity. The quoll said that when people die, they should die forever and not return to earth but the moon disagreed. Moon lost the argument and went to live in the sky. The quoll stayed on earth and thereafter humans would ‘finish’ with death. The moon dies and returns anew, waxing and waning each month. During the day the sun shines in the sky and gives life. When we are travelling in the dark the moon and stars give us light, they light up the ground where we are walking. Looking at the sky tells us where we came from and where we will return.