Djukerre dja Nawuran (Rock Wallaby and Oenpelli Python)

The painting shows a female Black Wallaroo called djukerre fighting with nawuran the Oenpelli python. Kangaroos often feature in bark and rock paintings as they are significant animals in Kunwinjku culture. They are prized game animals as well as being totems for some clans. Both the animals painted here are denizens of the isolated hills that lie on the floodplains and the rocky country in and above the escarpment. The Oenpelli pythons are famous in the reptile world, only being discovered by non-Aboriginal people in the late 20th Century. They are still rare but are most likely to be found in Kurrung, the season of the “build up” in the top end of Australia occurring in October – November. Increasing humidity and sudden showers of rain signal the time for many animals, including some reptiles, to mate and so they become active. Nawaran is capable of eating large animals.