Karrekuyengkuyeng (Jacana)

This animal we call “karrekuyengkuyeng” (comb-crested jacana, Irediparra gallinacea). We see them in large billabongs, particularly where there are lots of waterlillies. We see them stepping from leaf to leaf on the waterlilies with their thin feet and light bodies. Some people also call them Mandjorlok-mandjorlok. It is associated with the Yirridjdja moiety and the Yabbarrurruwa ceremony.

Nahni mayhmayh kangeyo karrekuyengkuyeng karrinan kore manlabbarl manlabbarlkimuk kore mandem manwern kadi. Karrinan mandem kunworr kamelhmelme bu kare. Kundenge nuye manyahwurd dja kukwob bu kare kore mandem kunworr. Karrekuyengkuyeng kabirringeybun kunngeybuyika mandjorlok-mandjorlok.

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