Allan Namaniyuo- Yingarna and Ngalyod

The painting brings together the two rainbow serpent ancestral beings, Yingarna, the original creator being and Ngalyod. Yingarna is the creation mother whose journey resulted in the creation of Bininj (Aboriginal people). She emerged from the Arafura Sea and journeyed inland. Allan has painted Yingarna with curved strokes of ochre, developing the traditional West Arnhem Land rarrk style, and alluding to Yingarna’s ocean travelling days.

Two mirrored rainbow serpents and two babies illustrate the complex story of creation. Yingarna wore many dilly bags, the wombs people originate from. These vessels are also important containers for collecting food. On her journey, she met a man called Wurrakkak who came from the sea in the west. After they parted she left spirit children there. She travelled to Coopers Creek and then on to the Alligator Rivers. As she travelled she left spirit children in particular places and instructed them to speak specific languages. She planted the yams from her dilly bags and told the spirit children they were good to eat. The spirit children became the Bininj that have populated Arnhem Land for thousands of years.

 The symmetry in the painting reflects the important balance for creative processes and the Duwa and Yirridja moieties. In this painting, one rainbow serpent sculpted the land, creating waterholes and rivers and the other lives in the sea. The rainbow serpents form a heart to suggest their connection to Yingarna and creative power. The painting is a veneration of love and all life.