Karrkanj (Kite) and Ngarradj (White cockatoo)

Graham has painted Karrkanj and Ngarradj.You can see these birds all over West Arnhem land.

Karrkkanj sits in the trees. In Kurrung season it is time to burn the grass. You can see these birds flying around near the fires, hunting and chasing lizards and grasshoppers. They have very good eyes and can see a long way. Ngarradj (the sulphur-crested white cockatoo, Cacatua galerita) lives in woodland areas. If we go hunting in the forest, he can betray our whereabouts by calling out “ngerrk, ngerrk, ngerrk!”. But he can also warn us if there is a buffalo nearby. We also have a similar bird called ngalelek (the little corella, Cacatua sanguinea), but they live on the floodplains in large flocks.