Korlobarr Djang (Big Red Kangaroo Dreaming)

This painting tells the story of Korlobarr, the antilopine kangaroo, found in the region of Western Arnhem Land, where the artist lives.One day a yawk yawk (Kunwinjku term for young woman) was out hunting with her dog in the Marlkawo area of the stone country when they flushed a kangaroo out of cover. The dog began to pursue the kolobarr, with the yawk yawk following behind. Suddenly the young woman realized that they were nearing a sacred area where Bininj (Aboriginal people) were not allowed to walk called Bolkem. She shouted and screamed at the dog to stop chasing the roo, but it was too late. Kolobarr fled into the sacred area and began to sink into the soft mud. Soon Kolobarr had completely disappeared, and later turned into Ngalyod, the Rainbow Serpent. Also shown in the painting is the plant manbelk (pandanus spiralus).

Nahni bim kayolyolme  kunj Korlobarr nawu nakimuk mayh.Korlobarr karrinan kore kubolkwarlahken kunred kore karrihni.Ngalyawk ngalkudji wam warlbom wam kang duruk ngalengarre.kore kunred Marlkawo.benehwam duruk ngalengarre wanjh kunj benenang bebmeng kungarrebeh wanjh duruk kadjuy nawu korlobarr Daluk ngalyawk munkekadjuy yerre Kaluk ngalbu ngalyawk daluk burrbom benehbebmi kore kubolkdjamu kabolkngeyo Bolkem daluk kayhmeng nawu duruk dja larrk djalkadjuy namekke kunj korlobarr.kore kubolkdjamun kukyibmeng kukih wanjh kukyakminj yimerranj Ngalyod.