The Turtle and Echidna Story

Two women were living together in the Dreamtime. One of the women arranged to go hunting and left her child in the care of her companion. While she was away the minder became hungry and succumbed to temptation, eating the child. When the mother returned she asked about her baby. The other woman confessed that she had eaten the child. Understandably the mother was furious and picked up a stone and struck the greedy woman on the back. The stone stuck and the victim became a long-necked turtle ngalmanyiyi with a shell on her back. The turtle survived the blow and went to get spears which she hurled at her adversary. The spears stuck in the other woman’s back and she bcame ngarrbek the echidna or spiny anteater. All aspects of the story are shown here. The women and their camp, their implements, the baby and the women after they had become animals.

Daluk bokenh benehni benehyoy kunredkudji bu korroko duninjh.Wanjh ngalkudji wam warlbom berrewoneng.dja wurdyaw bikurrmeng biwong ngalbuyika bihyawnahnani.Benehni wanjh marrwedoweng ngalbu ngalbuyika wanjh yawnguneng.Ngalbadjan kumdurndi yawyawam baleh ngarduk wurdyaw.Ngayawnguneng yimeng ngalbu ngalbuyika dja ngamarrwedoweng.Ngalbadjan mey kunwarde burriweng kore kubodme bibodmebelbmeng wanjh ngalng yimerranj ngalengmanwali lobmeng mey mankole burriweng bibodmedjandjanmeng wanjh kahmirrhdi kore ngarrbek kubodme.Wanjh ngalmangiyi dja ngarrbek beneyimerranj mayh.