Barrk (Black Wallaroo)

The male Black Wallaroo (Macropus Bernadus) is known as barrk or nadjinem in Kunwinjku. The female is known as djukerre. It only lives in a small area of stone country in West Arnhem Land, between South Alligator River and Nabarlek.
In the past, Kunwinjku people did not hunt this macropod, because it is believed to be be the pet of Mimih and Nakidjkidj spirits.
Barrk is completely black or dark brown, but djukerre (the female) is a mid-grey colour. It is a shy and cautious animal, eating at night and hiding in the rocky escarpments. He has the skin Balang.

Barrk ngarringeybun nawu ngad bininj ngarriwinjku ngarrikukburlerri dja birrikukbele balanda kabirringeybun black wallaroo nawu kuwardde kahni kore West Arnhem Land.