Old Lady and Yams

This painting shows a daluk (kunwinjku woman) resting on a termite mound while collecting yams.
She is collecting mankinjdjek (cheeky yams) on right and karrbarda (long yams) on left. Beside her are digging sticks and dilly bags which are used to collect the yams.

Nawu djurra bimbom ngalkka ngalwinjku daluk.Kahni kore kunboy kahmadbun bu kakarung manme.Wanjh karuy mankinjdjek dja karrbarda.Kore kahni kahyo ngalengarre kunbarlkbu dja djerrh.Manbu kakarung dja kadahkendong manme karrbarda.


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31 × 41 cm
Acrylic on Arches Paper

SKU: 4508-16