Dird the Moon Man

In the Dreamtime, many animals took the form of humans and wandered around various parts of the country. Quoll and Dird were two men, both hunters. Quoll saw how good a hunter Dird was and saw the women and girls watching him. He became so jealous of Dirds success that he challenged Dird to a fight. The fight was vicious and after much struggle, Quoll won. Dird was so ashamed he decided he didn’t want to live on the earth any more. He flew up into the night sky and can still be seen as the man in the moon.

Yikarrakkal, Mann River District, Central Arnhem Land are the astronomical figures related to clan lands known as Dird Djang or ‘Moon Dreaming’. There is a large round hole in stone said to represent the moon. This area was once an important camp site for ancestors and includes many rock art galleries and mortuary sites.

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