Kalarrwirdwird (Little Curlew), Pandanus, Bush Passionfruit and Spear Grass

Kalarrwirdwird is the word for two different birds. One tells us that the Wet Season is coming (the Little Curlew, Numenius minitus, which migrates from Siberia around September) and the other one which we see on the floodplain, running, standing and then running again (a type of plover). The one which signals rain comes here in large numbers from far away, just before the rains start. Then Kudjewk, the Wet Season begins, and the floodplain fills with water. (In coastal Kunwinjku dialects, Kalarrwirdwird also refers to the Far Eastern Curlew, Numenius madagascariensis, which similarly migrates from Siberia)

Kalarrwirdwird nakka bokenh nawu mayhmayh nakudji nawu mandjewk kamulewan dja nabuyika nawu karrinan kore kabbal kalobme karrangen wanjh kayawoyhlobme.Dja nahni nawu mandjewk kamulewan nakka karrbennan birriwern kabirrimre moken dja djarreh kore kunred kabirrimdolkan kabirrimre kondah mandjewk kabirrimulewan bu darnkih kadjakdung. Wanjh kudjewk kayimerran kabobarlme kore kabbal.