Two Headed Crocodile Story

The two headed crocodile in this painting is a kumoken (freshwater crocodile). The kumoken resides at a special waterhole called Namedkapjirridarrmanj in the Namokardabu/Namargardabu area near the Liverpool River. The kumoken has a special relationship with namarnkol (barramundi) and is the keeper of the Namarnkol Djang (dreaming). The kumoken nurture the fish and will release the good fish into the waterways to enter the system where they become a valuable food source and bininj (Aboriginal people) can hunt them. Barramundi which are not large or strong enough are released at a later stage. Some barramundi are released with an annointed white mark on their head. These are a special ceremonial fish and must be released if caught. Bruce Nabegeyo is a djungkayinj (ceremonial leader) for this story.