Delek Karri White Ochre Dreaming

Near Maningrida there is a place where the Cadell River forms a tidal lagoon not far from the ocean. At the point where fresh water mixes with saltwater an island emerges from the lagoon at low tide. This place is called Delek Karri it is a sacred site of Ngalyod, the Rainbow Serpent.

Ngalyod lives underground at Delek Karri. He smells people who visit, and only traditional owners with the proper knowledge are allowed on the island. When these people arrive they must call out to announce their presence. People are allowed to go fishing on the island, but they must remain quiet so as not to disturb Ngalyod. Most importantly, nobody is allowed to pull out the pandanus at Delek Karri as this is Ngalyod’s hair poking up through the earth and he gets extremely angry if it is disturbed. If Ngalyod is upset he will make people sink into the water and disappear, or otherwise he will make them get really sick.

There is a particularly revered place at Delek Karri where Ngalyod leaves the bones from his meals – the marine life of the lagoon such as namarnkol (barramundi), kuluybirr (saratoga), ngalmangiyi (long-necked turtle) and wakih (freshwater prawn). The devoured creatures become spirits that guard the white ochre at Delekkarri.

Kore Maningrida(Manawukan) dja Cadell mankabo kabalre kurrula dja kukku kunbowinjku kaboraworren bu kurrula kadurndeng karribolknan kunred kabolkngeyo Delek-Karri kubolkdjamun.Ngalyod kayo kumekke kanjdji kore delekkarri.ngalyod kannome kadberre nawu karribuyika bu karrire birrikudji nawu kunred bedberre kabirrire kumekke.Bu kabirrire wanjh kabirrikayhme kabirrimulewarren wanjh kabirrire djenj kabirriwarlbun.dja wokyak minj kabirribolkbengbun.minj nangale kadurrkmang manbu manbelk kunngobarn makka kunngabek Ngalyod ngalengarre wardi Ngalyod kabenkukyibke kanjdji kore kukku dja kabenmarnbun kabirridulkkimankan kundjak kabenmang.