Namarladj Djang (Orphan Dreaming)

Two brothers were namarladj (orphans). The younger brother was crying. The older brother went hunting and when he returned with kalawan (goanna) and namarnkol (barramundi), the younger brother was still crying. It went on for days and nights. The older brother became angry so took his younger brother by the hand and went for a walk. In a special tree was a snake. The older brother told the younger to pick up the snake. When he did it changed to Kunyikuwimi (Rainbow Serpent) and travelled back to the camp. In the camp were two hunting dogs called Ngalyendmenbarra and Djornborkorn. There were also men called Nyarladj preparing for a ceremony, and this is what the artist has depicted in this work. The men can be seen with spears, dilly bags, stone axes and spear throwers. The serpent arrived causing terror. He killed and ate everybody in the camp, including the brothers, the nyarladj and the dogs. Everyone was turned to stone including the Serpent. The stones are still there at a place called Kabbari.