Kurrkabal Djang (Long Tom Dreaming)

Kurrkabal dolkang kore Injalak kanjdji djangkurrmerrinj wanjh kadjangdi kurrkabaldjang.
The Long Tom fish came down from Injalak Hill, and placed itself there as a Dreaming.
(Andrew Manakgu)

Behind the Injalak Art Centre, Injalak Hill rises up above the billabong. At its base, along a little sandy track, a small rock juts out of the ground diagonally, no higher than your knee. You would probably miss it, if you were ever allowed to go there without a guide. But this rock is Kurrkabal Djang, Long Tom Dreaming.
Arnhem Land is filled with sacred sites that you would never notice without being told. Dreamings are about the unseen in the land, more than the visible. This rock is only the Long Tom fish’s tail, and its body continues deep underground where it lodged after plunging down from the rocks above. Kurrkabal (or Kurrkabal, or Karlerrh) is a long fish with a pointy mouth full of sharp teeth, and is Injalak Hill’s most important Dreaming. It is an Increase site, where people can call on the Ancestors to bring them bountiful catches of fish.

Kore Injalak kahwarderri kore kanjdjihkanjdji kumekke Kurrkabal djangkurrmerrinj kahdjangdi karrinan kahwardedjabdi makka wanjh Kurrkabal kumdolkang kadumbeh kurrmerrinj kanjdji Kanjdji bolkdjudmeng kunkodji nuye kanjdji.Bu korroko nawu dabborrabbolk bu birridjareni djenj nawern birrimayinj wanjh birrirawinj birrikayhmeninj birriwodbuyinj birridjawayinj wanjh djenj nawern birrimayinj.Djang nawern kadjangdi kore kunred kadberre kubolkwarlahken.