Djalangkarridj-djalangkarridj (Dragonfly)

When old people used to see a dragonfly they would say “OK, it’s telling us fish are ready to catch!”. Then they would tell family staying with them, and they might go to a billabong or sometimes to a small creek running into the sea, where they know there is good fishing. They would go to a shallow part and block off where the water is flowing in using grass, maybe leaves and stones, then they would surround and catch the fish.

Nawu djalangkarridj-djalangkarridj bu kabirrinan nawu dabborrabbolk wanjh kabirriyime bonj wanjh djenj kamulewan.Wanjh kabindibalmarneyime nawu birribuyika nawu kumekke kabirrihdjarrkyo kabindimarnemulewan djenj kabirrire kore kulabbarl yika manwanjdjad kore djenj kabirriburrbun nakuken wanjh kumekke kabirridabke kabirrimang nawu djenj.bukken bu kabirribalhme kundalk.