Bangkerreng (Late Wet Season)

The Kunwinjku people of West Arnhem Land recognise six main seasons, all marked by distinct changes in the plant and animal worlds as well as the weather. None of these seasons has a fixed date, but in common with other Aboriginal seasonal systems, they are determined by natural phenomena. Bangkerreng is what in English could be called the late wet season, around April-May. At this time the rivers and floodplains teem with fish, grown fat over the wet season, and insects and frogs are everywhere. Birds too grow fat with this abundance of food, and brood on eggs.
A change in seasons also brings symbolic and religious changes in the landscape. One of the defining changes of bangkerreng is when the last storms flatten the speargrass, changing the moiety of this species from Yirridjdja to Duwa.
Nawu bininj ngad karriburrbun bu Bangkerre kayimerran.Dja kunkukbele (English) kabirriyime late wet season bu mandjewk kangurdme.kore April-May.Wanjh bangkerreng kayimerran bu djenj mayh nawu karrolkan kawake kare manberrk dja kuwarde kani wanjh kabelemdjordmen.Kunukka wanjh bangkerreng karriyime bu manbedje kabardbakke nawu mandjewk kayiburnbun.Dabborrabbolk korroko birrinani manbu manbedje ngalengman Yirridjdja dja ngalengman Duwa.