Kurndamen (Frill-Necked Lizard)

Allen has painted kurndamen and Djalangkarridj-djalangkarridj (dragonfly). We see Kurndamen (the Frill-Necked Lizard) in a lot of different places. When we are hunting in the forest, we see them on trees.

Kurndamen have been very adversely affected by the arrival of cane toads as they are carnivorous.

Kurndamen karrinan kore kubolkwern kunred. Bu karriwarlbun manberrk karrinan kabarndi kore kundulk. Dja mak bu karrilobme mandengeyi dorrengh karrinan kahbarndi kore kundulk wanjh ngarribun ngarrikinje ngarringun namak mayh.


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41 × 61 cm
Ochre on Arches Paper

SKU: 5897-17