Lorrkon Ceremony

Lorrkon are the hollow logs used as burial poles in parts of West Arnhem Land. When the body was decomposed, the bones were painted with red ochre, wrapped in paperpark and placed in the Lorrkon. “Dang”, pieces of string made from kurrajong bark and painted with beeswax and white ochre, were sent out as message sticks to advise people that a ceremony was on. At the end of the ceremony, they were tied to the Lorrkon. Women would dance around the Lorrkon, and seated people sang. Lorrkon were painted with designs relating to the deceased person. The bones could be taken out and placed in the lorrkon again several times. Until the process was finished, people participating in the ceremony were called “Limbidj”, and were not allowed to eat Ngalmangiyi (Long-Necked Turtle). If they did, their hands would become crippled.

Long necked turtle information from Eric Mardday 2015–>