Kundjolk Creek

Elaine Naroldol is Traditonal Owner of Kunibidji country and she has painted a story from Kundjolk Creek near Maningrida. A boy asked his father if he could go fishing. He went alone to Kundjolk Creek with his spear and went right down to the mud bay. He was looking for fish but the tide was out and the water was very low. He couldn’t find any fish to catch. He was walking back when all of a sudden the tide started coming in. The water was rising quickly and he couldn’t see a big pearl shell that was lying in the sand. The pearl shell was opening her mouth and the boy got stuck. The boy called out to his family. They ran over but they thought he was calling because he had seen something. They didn’t realise he had got stuck. They all watched as the water came up and sadly the boy drowned. They left and went home crying. The place is the same now. When children go swimming there they can hear the sea calling them. It reminds them of the boy who got stuck from the pearl shell. The boy’s spirit looks after the young kids while they are swimming.

Elaine Naroldol ngalengarre Kunibiddji kunred bimbom kore djurra Kundjolk Mankabo darnkih Maningrida wurdyaw nabeywurd bidjawam kornkumobu kare djenj wanjh wam kore kundjolk mankabo dalakkiradj kanihkani nuye Wam kore wadjbud djenj yawahyawani dja nawu kurrula durndi bukminj wanjh minj danjbuyinj nawu djenj wanjh durndi bu balwam dja kurrula kumbidbuni dja bobahbobarlmi manbu kurrula wanjh minj nayinj nawu nakimuk shell yongoyoy wanjh bidengebayeng minj rawinj kurrula bokimukminj benkayhmeng birrilobmeng birrinang bokimukminj bikebnguneng kurrula doweng birridurndi nalkkidorrengh kured.Bu wurdwurd kabirrire kabirriwurlebme kabirribekkan manbu kurrula kakayhme kabenbengdayhke wanjh kabirribengkan namekke wurdyaw.