Karr Djang (Spider Dreaming)

Karr Djang (Spider Dreaming) is a dreaming at a place called Bulugardu in Western Arnhem Land, on the Eastern side of Kunwinjku country. Only Djungkayi, the traditional “managers” of the site, can go there. The dreaming’s power is considered too strong for the traditional owners of the dreaming to go there. There is a hole in the earth there with red-coloured water coming up, depicted in this work. The site is associated with Influenza Dreaming (KebdjirnedDjang). When the wind blows strongly, people get the flu. It breaks the branches where the spiders live, and it infects people. The site is shared by the Bununggu and Gaykamangu Clans. The diamond shapes in the work are owned by the Gaykamangu clan, while the triangles are owned by the Bununggu clan.

Nawu Karr Djang kahdjangdi kore kunred kabolkngeyo Bulugardu kore West Arnhem Land.kore Kunwinjku kunred.Birrikudji nawu kabirrihwornan nawu Djungkayi kabirrire kumekke kunerd kore djang kahyo kabolkrurrk karlba kayo Kaluk manbu kukku kamhbobebme kore kanjdjibeh makka manbokurlba manbu kukku.Kumekke mak Kebdjirned Djang kadjangdi.Bu kamayorrkbun manmayorrkkimuk wanjh kundulk kayendebakbakke wanjh kebdjirned kanmang.Kumekke bedberre nawu Gaykamangu dja Bununggu Nguya bedberre.Nawu diamond kahkukyime nakka Gaykamangu bedberre dja nawu triangles kahkukyime nakka wanjh Bununggu bedberre.