Njambi (Stone spear story )

Ŋambi is part of the sacred law for Wägilak people and it is found at their home country called Ŋilipitji in East Arnhem. It is a very special place and the stone is extremely powerful.
Ŋambi (stone spear) was very important for the Yolŋu economy and was a valuable trade item that spread across the land.
The Djuŋgaya (custodians) are experts at handling Ŋambi. If anyone else were to touch the stone or try to make tools they would be cursed and get very sick. Only those with permission have authority to cut the rock. Djungaya sing the correct songs to help the stone split cleanly, and without shards injuring the craftsman. Traditionally old people used them to make very effective spears for hunting and the shards were used in initiation ceremonies for young men. Ŋambi were used for scarification which gives the men protection.