Orphan Boy Story (Kabbari)

One young boy was Namarladj, an orphan. He lived in a community of families in country called Kabbari; an area where many people camped and lived. The young orphan boy had tasted the yarrldjarrdj plant with its sweet, yellow root that tasted like pumpkin and its stem which was like celery. He craved this food and as he could not get anymore he cried and cried. People brought him all kinds of meat, fish and plants – kangaroo, wallaby, goanna and magpie geese, barramundi, bream and yabbies, yams and waterlilies – but nothing would satisfy him. He became greedy for this sweet taste of yarrldjarrdj. The people let him cry, day and night. On and on the crying went. It was Namarladj’s crying that awoke Ngalyod, the Rainbow Serpent, from his sleep at Weyirra or North Goulburn Island many kilometres away. Ngalyod rose and crossed the waters to the mainland travelling across the land to Kabbari. Ngalyod entered the camp where people were preparing a feast and men called ngarladj were gathering for a ceremony. The Serpent arrived causing terror. Ngalyod’s anger was great and he killed and ate all the people including Namarladj, the orphan boy.

Kumekke ni nakudji wurdyaw nawu Namarladj kunred kabolkngeyo Kabbari birriwern mak birrihdjarrkyoy birriwong manme mandem Yirridjarrdj nguneng manjbekkang manmanjmak wanjh djareni manwern birriwoyinj.Wanjh dedjdjingmey nalkbom bininj birrimkani manme manbuyika dja mayh kunkanj kunj kalawan minj djareniwirrinj djareni manekke manme manbu birriwong nguneng manmanjmak.Bininj nawu birrihyoy kumekke kunred Kabbari birribawong munguyh nalkbuni barnangarra dja kumunun (kukak) Ngalyod bibekkang kurrula beh ngalkang kunred Weyirra kumwam manberrk bebmeng bedberre kore namarladj nalkbuhnalkbuni benbom benkuknguneng rowk namarladj dorrengh.