Namarrkon and his Two Sons

Jeremiah has painted Namarrkon, Lightning Man, who is an important ancestral being in the mythology of the Kunwinjku people of Western Arnhem Land. Namarrkon creates thunder by throwing stone axes down onto the earth. These axes can be seen protruding from various parts of his body. An arc of lightning encircles his body. Namarrkon is especially active during December, when the season of kunumeleng is characterised by spectacular pre-monsoon storms and then from January to March during kudjewk the ‘wet’ season in northern Australia. Namarrkon is also a guardian of the laws.
In this particular dreaming story, Namarrkon had two sons. He kept them close, as he knew if they went walking in the lands with the people, there would be trouble with the promised wives of other men. But one day, the eldest son went walking and became lost. He wandered a long way and became hungry and thirsty. A group of women found him and wanted him. These women were all promised to other men and when the men found out they were angry. They banded together and went to fight the eldest son of Namarrkon, wounding him severely. When the eldest son finally returned home, Namarrkon was furious. He stood with his two sons on either side and together the three of them hurled their stone axes to create a massive storm and many lightning strikes until eventually the entire village was gone and all the women and their husbands were dead.

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