Luma Luma

Luma luma was an ancestral giant, the creator of the Mardayin ceremony, who travelled through Kunwinjku country carrying sacred objects; three dilly bags, two yams and a lorrkon (hollow log coffin). As he journeyed he stole women and devoured them. Angered by Lumaluma’s actions, the people decided to kill him, so they lured him into an ambush and speared him. He pleaded to be spared until he had disclosed full knowledge of the Mardayin ceremony, body designs, dances and sacred songs. He then sped across land and water to a bush shelter where he stayed with two women. Men of both the Yirridjdja Duwa moieties pursued him in boats. He was killed while he was sleeping on an island called Kurriba, near Goulburn Island.