Merlemerle (Butterfly)

Lindsay has painted merlemerle (butterflies) and two types of belerrk (gecko) with mandudjmi (green plums) in the backgound. 

In the past, children used to go looking for manyahyay (yellow flowering acacia) trees, which were always covered in butterflies when they flowered. They would amuse themselves for hours chasing after the butterflies with sticks. People say that when a butterfly comes and flies around you, it tells you that people are coming to visit you. Belerrk live all around the stone country of Arnhem Land in caves and rocky crevices. Mandudjmi is manme, a bush food. 

Merlemerle karrinan nawern kore kubolkwern kore karrire. Karrinan karrolkarren kore kungarre bu karrikawon. Bu karrire karringarrengimen kore manngarre wanjh karrikawon nadjalwern merlemerleh nakimuk nayahwurd kukbubuyika. Korroko wurdwurd birrirey kundulk manyahyay birrikadjungi birribuni mak nabuyika birrinani birrikadjungi munguyh kunekke birriyimi birrikadjungi nawu merlemerleh.
Bu kamdolkan, kamulewan bininj kabirrimre.