Borlokko (Water Python)

Borlokko (the water python, Bothrochilus fuscus) lives in and around fresh water, and is an important food source for the Kunwinjku people of West Arnhem Land. Men and women go and look for borlokko by searching around for them in the water with their hands. In the same hunting expedition, people would often be looking for kedjebe (file snakes, Acrochordus arafurae) and ngalmangiyi (long-necked turtles, Chelodina rugosa). Borlokko are non-venomous reptiles, but are capable of swallowing prey larger than themselves by dislocating their jaw. They are nocturnal, feeding on a variety of animals as well as the eggs of the brolga.

Borlokko ngalbu ngalka ngalengman kayo kore kukku kaboyo. Borlokko ngadberre mayh bu ngarringun nawu ngad bininj. Bininj dja daluhdaluk kabirrire kabirriyawan kore kukku kabirribobirrkan kabirrimang borlokko kedjebe ngalmangiyi kore kuronj. Borlokko ngalka yiman nayin nawern kayime dja ngahli mayh borlokko ngarringun. Bu korroko yimerranj bu ngarringun ngahli mayh.