Mankinjdjek (Cheeky Yam)

There are two types of yams, the long and the round, or “cheeky” yam. The long yam (‘karrbarda’) is a large, elongated vegetable which can be eaten as soon as it is dug up. It is easy to find owing to the love-heart shaped leaves which are attached to its tendrils. The cheeky yam (‘mankinjdjek’) is so called in Aboriginal English because it is poisonous unless it is soaked in water for a number of days after having been cut, to let out the toxic substance. Traditionally, the kunwinjku people would rinse water over it while contained in a loose woven dilly bag.

Manbu mankinjdjek makka manme ngadberre nawu ngad bininj ngarrikukburlerri.Daluhdaluk nawu dabborrabbolk kabirriburrbun manbu manrakel mankinjdjek dja karrbarda bu kabirrikarung kabirrimang kabirrikinje kore banikkin.Wanjh kabirrimilebun kabirridahkendong kor djerrh kabirridjuhke kore kukku mankinjdjek dorrengh.Kabirribawon kunkodjkekudji malamalaywih kabirrimang wanjh ngarringun.Bu kabangyakmen manbu manbang.