Mimih dja Karrbarda (Mimih Spirits and Long Yams)

According to the Kunwinjku people of Western Arnhem Land, Mimih spirits were the original spirit beings, who taught Aboriginal people many of the skills they needed to survive in the bush. They taught humans how to find long yams (karrbarda) using digging sticks (kunkanin). The best time of year to get long yams is in Bangkerreng, the late wet season, because the ground is soft and there are lots of heart shaped leaves visible above the ground. Mimih Spirits also taught people the Karrbarda dance, which is still performed in Gunbalanya today with didjeridoo and clapstick accompaniment. Mimih Spirits carry various other implements, including kundjakkorl (fire sticks), djerrh (dilly bags) and karramalk (stone axes).