In the old days when someone died, Wangbol (traditional revenge or recompense) had to be carried out. Often a person would be given in recompense, someone who had committed a crime. Someone would take the person out into an open area or into the bush and spear them. But the story would not stop there. That person’s family would then get angry and seek revenge, and often start a big fight with spears and clubs. Nowadays people don’t get speared, but in some areas the revenge is still carried out by magic means. For example a piece of clothing belonging to someone can be cooked in an earth oven, and within a short time that person will feel hot inside, get sick and die.

In his recent work Ezariah Kelly has explored tableaus from everyday traditional life. This sets his work apart from other artists at Injalak. Kelly does not gloss over the harsher aspects of this life, but paints everything with the same love of detail and everyday struggles, successes and drama. 

Korroko nawu bininj doweni yika daluk, nakka wanjh Wangbol birriweykani birriwoni nakudji bininj rey wanjh biyami darrkid kore kurobbe yika kore kurralk. Wanjh nawu bininj yika daluk doweni. Wanjh namud nuye yika ngalengarre birrikidmangi. Wanjh kunyid kunkimuk birrimarnbuni birriyamerreni mankole yika kundulk birriburreni. Dja bu bolkkime wangbol kabirriwon nakudji bininj yika benebokenh wanjh kare kabiyawan kabimarnengeybun nawu bininj yika daluk. Wanjh kare kabidanjbun kabikidname wanjh kahkid kahre karrowen.