Namarnkol Djang kore Namogardabu (Barramundi Dreaming at Namogardabu)

The namarnkol or barramundi is the renowned game fish of the Top End of Australia that has significance as a food source and a totem to many Aboriginal people. They grow to extraordinary sizes and are excellent eating. The namarnkol can be found in saltwater as well as freshwater billabongs and rivers. The barramundi is painted here with Namarnde Dadjurdu, a one-legged ‘devil’ or spirit being who is responsible for looking after the Barramundi Djang or Dreaming site in the country called Namogardabu, east of Oenpelli. The Namarnde is often shown carrying various traditional implements such as pandandus dilly bags. A marrunj palm which also belongs to the Dreaming may also be depicted.