Djerrh dja Mankongkong (Dilly Bag and bush foods)

Djerrh is the Kunwinjku term for a traditional fibre bag. These have been made in Arnhem Land since long before there were collectors for them, and they are featured in rock art throughout the region. Djerrh were used for ceremony and carrry possessions such as Mankongkong (bush foods). Mankongkong is our food. We Aboriginal people like eating bush tucker. In the early days the old people, the women, go out with their digging sticks and see which is the right plant and dig and get and cook it on the hot sand and eat. But today the girls and the other older women don’t know what mankongkong is, they only know karrbarda long yam. And today we eat balanda food from shops takeaway and buy bread, rice, flour and sugar.