Hello 2018!

Hello 2018!

February 4, 2018
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Well, it’s nice to be back and open again. We’ve had a bit of a bumpy start with big monsoonal rainfalls across the Top End of Australia. The Arnhem Hwy that travels east from Darwin to Jabiru in Kakadu National Park (around 300 km) has been impassable for a week – it’s deeply underwater in a number of places. We always have to fly in from Jabiru at this time of the year – but returning staff had to drive via Pine Creek (an extra 200 km) or charter from Darwin so it meant the art centre didn’t open until Wednesday 1st February. Gabriel Maralngurra, Co-manager, has done a great job of keeping the art centre secure during the long closure and there’s no rain damage either.

Lots of housekeeping things to keep us busy. This week is STOCKTAKE!! We’ll be closed to onsite customers from Tuesday until Friday. Meanwhile our pre-stocktake SALE is going well with – 20% off everything in out Etsy store. Just use the code STOCKTAKE2018 at the checkout. It finishes Tuesday 6th February but we will continue the SALE for customers coming to us via our website: just use the code INJALAKWEB. It’s interesting to see where our Etsy traffic is coming from. New paintings will be uploaded in our own web shop this week too. We have LOTS of beautiful paintings and weavings made over the wet season and we’ll continue FREE SHIPPING from our online shop until the dry season. Get It On! 2018 is going very nicely with lots of EOIs received from talented people. Entries close soon (end of this week) so contact us if you’d like some more information: director@injalak.com. See our event page here on Facebook and follow the event here #getiton2018

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