Telling ancient stories

Telling ancient stories in a new medium

Kunwinjku artists from the West Arnhem region have been collaborating with master printmakers since the late 1990s with the first editions being produced in early 2000. Printermakers include Basil Hall, Andrew Sinclair, and Northern Editions.

Artists from Injalak Arts have created limited edition etchings, lithographs and screen prints on paper inspired by a rock art tradition in West Arnhem Land spanning more than 40,000 years.

Some collaborations have seen Injalak artists carting metal plates up Injalak Hill to paint underneath the rock art shelters of their ancestors and produce images directly inspired by the ancient images. Other collaborations have involved artists creating designs onto plates at the art centre which have then been sent to printmaking studios for processing and printing of editions. Other collaborations have seen artists undertake residencies in print workshops.

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